Baked From Scratch(1)

~ Classic ~

1/2 Dozen Regular Cupcakes ~ $18       1 Dozen Mini Cupcakes ~ $14

The Classic

Chocolate or vanilla cake/ Signature Italian buttercream

Cookies and Cream

Chocolate cake/ Sweet Cream Filling/ Cookie Buttercream 


Mint Chip

Mint Chocolate Cake/ Chocolate Chip Filling/ Chocolate Chip Mint Buttercream


Vanilla Cake/ Strawberry Filling/ Strawberry Buttercream


1/2 Dozen Regular ~ $23        1 Dozen Mini ~$18

Lemon Tart

Lemon cake/ Filled with lemon curd/ vanilla bean buttercream

Vanilla Latte

Espresso cake/ Vanilla bean cream/ Espresso buttercream


Dark fudge chocolate cake/ white Italian buttercream

White Chocolate Raspberry

White Cake/ Raspberry compote and white chocolate ganache/ White Chocolate buttercream


1/2 Dozen Cupcakes - $28     1 Dozen Mini Cupcakes- $22


Milk chocolate fudge cake/ dark chocolate ganache/ white chocolate buttercream


Vanilla cake soaked in coffee and cream/ filled with lightly sweetened marscapone cheese/ iced with either fresh whipped cream or italian buttercream/ finished with a dusting of cocoa powder

Carrot Cake

A deluxe carrot cake/ White chocolate cream cheese icing

Pecan Salted Caramel

Chocolate caramel cake/ filled with salted caramel and roasted pecans/ Caramel buttercream